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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Celebrating The Autumn Equinox: Our Ritual

Good evening, my friends! Just wanted to share  few pics from today's Mabon:Autumn Equinox celebration. As usual, my sister Robin (Aurora Skye), Dark Elf, and I got together for our personal group ritual.

Decorative spice-scented Mabon candle and herbal offering ...

Before ritual pic of the altar

Dark Elf (live from Greece)

My sister, Aurora Skye and me

For those of you who do not know, there is a seven hour time difference between the USA and Greece. We began our ritual at 4PM United States time which meant that it was already 11PM in Greece. We are always happy when Dark Elf can join us and always have a great time while in his company! Thank you, Dark Elf!!!

Brightest Blessings all!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Getting ready for Mabon

In preparation of Mabon, I spent the day cleaning the house and writing the ritual that my sister Robin, Dark Elf, and I will be using this week for our celebration. 

Last month, I found a lovely new item I will be adding to the altar to hold our corner candles from Celtic Myth & Moonlight ...

I also did my shopping for our cakes and ale portion of the ritual along with some festive ritual candles also from the same celtic/wiccan shop ...

And, I found a cool Mabon recipe I would like to try ...

I am really looking forward to it. Have a great rest of the week, my friends!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Odds 'n' Ends ...

Well, this week I am on vacation and I have A LOT to do! Things I do not normally have the time for during the work week (nor the energy to do), I am going to have to get done. I have to help my mother take care of some serious family business at the lawyer's office tomorrow concerning my brother and I also need to clean the entire house.

To be honest, there is much turmoil going on in my life currently which I am not at liberty to discuss in detail at the moment. I will only say that between my marriage problems (this Friday is supposed to be our 16th anniversary), trying to be there all the time for my mother who only has me to turn to with her own problems since my dad passed away, and my job - needless to say I am dealing with quite a bit, but I am trying very hard to get through it all with some dignity (not to mention my sanity)!

On a more positive note; however, Mabon is this week so my sister Robin and I are planning to get together next Saturday afternoon for our celebration. As in the previous sabbat rituals, Dark Elf is planning on joining us as well via SKYPE. I will most likely write a post after our ritual next weekend.

Dark Elf
Until next time, my friends ~ Brightest Blessings!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Food for Thought Friday

Facebook fun app ...  me 'n' Dark Elf (pretty cool, right?) lol

"Yer Jalan Atthirari Anni ("Moon of My Life" in Dothraki)"Drogo
"Shekh Ma Shieraki Anni ("My Sun and Stars" in Dothraki)"Daenerys


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Throwback Thursday ...

Happy 'Throwback Thursday' all!

For this Thursday's post, I decided to share a little something from my "many moons ago" past. When I was in my senior year of High School, I dated a guy whose family was of Greek heritage. His family was awesome and his mom whose name was Maria (aka "Marika") used to be a belly dancing teacher and owned her own business doing belly grams. Oh God she had some gorgeous beaded and silk outfits!

Some pics of us from Wildwood, New Jersey circa 1984

Anyway, I wanted to share this video that so reminds me of that time in my life ... needless to say, much happier times as well ... I hope you enjoy!

Yuliya Lunessia~ Belly Dance to Loreena McKennett's "Marco Polo"

Sunday, September 10, 2017

I want my mommy!

Last year, my little girl Kiki was diagnosed by two different vets with AspergillosisThere are two types of Aspergillus infections, but the type that Kiki has is the nasal form, where the infection is localized in the nasal passages and front sinuses. It is believed that this develops from direct nasal contact with the fungus. For example, if a cat is outside and around dust and grass clippings, the fungus may enter via the moist lining of the nose. The most commonly associated symptoms are nasal discharge and noisy breathing during inhaling.

While there is no cure for this disease, we can give her meds to help keep her comfortable. So far, she is still eating fairly well and so long as she does not seem to be getting worse, we will do whatever we can to help her. 

Two weeks ago, she began vomiting twice a day. After numerous visits to our vet who performed a urinalysis and blood tests, they could not find anything wrong with her. Save from giving her a half a Pepsid-AC twice a day (per the vet), three 5mg tablets of Prednisolone, and an eighth of a 10mg pill of Metoclopramide on a daily basis, we can do little else but to wait and see what happens next. Aside from hating the meds, she seems to be doing better for now as she has not been vomiting every day.

She has been my little shadow and clings to me constantly. She lays and sleeps on my lap every chance she gets.